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Welcome Providers!


Welcome to the UNC Wilmington Counseling Center Referral System.  This site offers a broad range of information about mental health referral resources in the community. Here, students and non-students can find information about various off-campus providers, including both therapists and psychiatrists. 

As providers, you will have access to your provider page in order to update your information as necessary.  You will be responsible for updating any changes to your practice, including but not limited to contact information, practice location, insurances accepted and fees, in a timely manner.  All changes will be approved by the UNCW Counseling Center before being included in the site.  The Counseling Center will also have the ability to remove providers from this site if it is deemed necessary. 



Inclusion in this site is not a guarantee of referrals from the UNCW Counseling Center or from the University.  In addition, the UNCW Counseling Center will not endorse any particular providers.  Finally, the Counseling Center bears no responsibility for students who may choose your services or for any services you may provide. 


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